Why promotional products, what are they good for?
You can get a high advertising, operating range with a rather limited input:
Promotional products reach 88 % of the population at an age over 14 years (on an average day basis) – which other advertising medium does have these rates?

Why lipcare?
Lips have a very thin skin and do not produce fat. This means they are affected more by the environment and weather conditions and therefore need special protection and care. 800 million lip balm sticks were sold just in Europe last year, which shows, just how great the need is for lip care, with a growing tendency. Since lipcare products can be used over a long period of time, they offer you an ideal platform for your logo and advertising messages. Someone, who receives a lipcare balm stick and uses it, will definitely not miss it and will not pass it on to third parties; it will be his or her personal companion for the whole lifetime of the product!

Our many years” experience as lip care experts with our own production facilities in Germany means, we can offer standard-products as well as specials, according to your requirements, within short lead times (3 weeks after the approval) at rather low-prices.

Our quotations are based upon complete packages; i.e. one price for your lipcare-product includes design, printing, shipping, etc. – There are no more (hidden) costs; and all that with a consistent, secured high quality

Made in Germany

And one more feature:
Although our core-competence is lipcare, we are a member of the worldwide active network for Promotional Products (PSI Member-Number 16007) and can offer you uncountable products of this market at top-conditions. Please feel free to ask us for these possibilities as well.

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